Ohhh, yeahhh, whaaat?

This is what I wore to a birthday party on Friday.

I did end up adding a hat into the mix after I took these photos.
And half of the night I didn't even wear the flannel jacket. It was hot.
That's me and my mother. I wish I had a picture of the snakeskin boots she wore to the party. I was calling her "snake boots" the whole night.
The party was great, by the way. There were lots of awesome people there and even some freestyle rapping.


Why not?

Well why wouldn't I wear a silk poncho and leather leggings?
I've entered a constant battle with my hair. But whatever.


So...Uhm... This is my first post.

And I've already scribbled out my face. This picture just wasn't turning out so great. Oh well.
This is what I wore on Valentine's Day:
I felt awesome.