Grey Day.

This is the thickest, heaviest sweater I own.
I look pretty tired... I was pretty tired.


My new red shirt.

Such a comfy, warm shirt.
I was doing the sleeve up - sleeve down thing all day.

These are probably my favorite tights. They're really thick so I don't get cold in them, even though they're full of holes. Which is good, because we still have snow everywhere here.
Those boots are actually super comfy too.


DIY Pants

Painted them myself.
 And the back...

And my cute little robot necklace.
That shirt has got to be the most comfortable shirt ever.


I'm back!

My camera was lost. And I've also been super busy the past few weeks.
But now I just want you to look at my shoes.

They make me feel a lot taller than I really am. Which is awesome, considering I'm only 5'1".