Why don't we do it in the road?

Outfit of the day:
I really love that dress. Mostly because of its wonderfully large pockets.

Boyfriend got me that necklace when he went to Salt Lake last weekend. So sweet of him.

And these are those shoes that I bought for $3.
I'm kind of in love with them.

Have a great day everybody!

So... Uhm...

I would like some more followers. Yeah?
I almost always follow those who follow me on sites. I feel that is just common courtesy.
Let's just all be best fashion friends, kayy?


Mother make me gold again.

First, I just have to say... My aunt Jenny makes the best better than sex cake ever. I was so happy to eat it, yet so sad when it was all gone.
And yes, that is definitely a Christmas plate.
Anyway, this is what I wore today:

I am absolutely in love with that floral sweater. My auntie Joy just gave it to me. I'm planning on wearing it with pretty much everything this summer.

I was actually trying really hard to keep these shoes nice and clean, but that all went to hell with the messy, rainy weather we've been having lately. Oh well. At least they look good with my tights.
Also, my poor cat got in a fight last night and has a scratched nose. And even though he's hurt, he still won't cuddle with me.

Notice the hateful glare and the claws.


Love's a state of mind.

Alright. So here's what I wore today:
I found this shirt in my mother's closet and she let me keep it. I think the detailing on the sides is really cool.

And it matches my headband perfectly.

I also wore my new leggings, which have metal holes down the sides. And also my favorite pair of heels.

I decided to go to Deseret Industries to try to cheer myself up today. For those of you that have no clue what that place is, let's just say that that's where Napoleon buys his suit for the dance in Napoleon Dynamite. Living in Idaho is an actual joke.
I love the D.I. though, because if you actually dig through things you can find some really great cheap stuff. For instance:

$5 Black silk dress. I'm so excited to wear this!

$3 Red sundress.

$1 Union Jack shirt. Which just so happens to be perfectly faded already.

$1 Rose shirt.

$3 Sandals. I really needed some new ones for... well whenever summer comes.

$4 Munro shoes, which fit me like they were custom made.
I feel so much better today than I did yesterday. Some new clothes can really make a difference, I guess. I can't wait to wear all of my new things!

Oh, and did I mention that it snowed here today? Yeah. It really did.


A pulse covered in skin. Words covered in lips.

So... This week has been pretty lousy. I've been incredibly tired, stressed, and irritable. I've bitten my nails down to the quick and they look really super shitty. I'm hoping that by this weekend I'll be out of this horrible mood.
I've planned a really cute outfit for tomorrow... I'll post pictures of it asap.
XoXo. Loves.


Let My Love Loose, Again.

This morning didn't start out so well. I still have a cold, that has been lingering for the past week, and I went snowboarding yesterday, so I was very sore when I woke up. To compensate for my bad mood I decided to wear all of my favorite (matching) things today. I wore my favorite dress with my favorite belt, necklace, ripped leggings, and Harley Davidson boots:
I tried to take a picture of the bruise that I got snowboarding yesterday to show you, but that didn't turn out well. All I can say is that it is big and nasty and looks more like it was drawn on with a purple marker. Most of my friends don't even think it's real.
But it is.
And it hurts.
At least it matched my outfit today.


Let's get dolled up and play pretend.

I finally got a haircut. And this is what it looks like:
It looks slightly uneven because of my darn cowlick... But do you like it?
Oh, and this is what I'm wearing to a family get-together later on:

Please excuse my ridiculous face. My mom told me to smile and I just couldn't help it.


Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.

Hi. I haven't posted for about 2 weeks now. I was actually planning on posting something every single day... but you see how that worked out.
Anyway... I went to see my "Aunt" Joy's antique booth today. It was absolutely beautiful. I'll have to take pictures the next time I go. Everything there gives one the sense of being at home.
Joy is the same lady who makes these great bracelets:
I love these things sooo much. I hardly ever wear them to school though because they definitely get in the way of trying to write.
Besides those, this is what I wore today around town:

This was just a simple, comfy outfit. It was ridiculously rainy and windy in Idaho today.