Let My Love Loose, Again.

This morning didn't start out so well. I still have a cold, that has been lingering for the past week, and I went snowboarding yesterday, so I was very sore when I woke up. To compensate for my bad mood I decided to wear all of my favorite (matching) things today. I wore my favorite dress with my favorite belt, necklace, ripped leggings, and Harley Davidson boots:
I tried to take a picture of the bruise that I got snowboarding yesterday to show you, but that didn't turn out well. All I can say is that it is big and nasty and looks more like it was drawn on with a purple marker. Most of my friends don't even think it's real.
But it is.
And it hurts.
At least it matched my outfit today.


  1. I am totally in love with your dress and booties!!!