Love's a state of mind.

Alright. So here's what I wore today:
I found this shirt in my mother's closet and she let me keep it. I think the detailing on the sides is really cool.

And it matches my headband perfectly.

I also wore my new leggings, which have metal holes down the sides. And also my favorite pair of heels.

I decided to go to Deseret Industries to try to cheer myself up today. For those of you that have no clue what that place is, let's just say that that's where Napoleon buys his suit for the dance in Napoleon Dynamite. Living in Idaho is an actual joke.
I love the D.I. though, because if you actually dig through things you can find some really great cheap stuff. For instance:

$5 Black silk dress. I'm so excited to wear this!

$3 Red sundress.

$1 Union Jack shirt. Which just so happens to be perfectly faded already.

$1 Rose shirt.

$3 Sandals. I really needed some new ones for... well whenever summer comes.

$4 Munro shoes, which fit me like they were custom made.
I feel so much better today than I did yesterday. Some new clothes can really make a difference, I guess. I can't wait to wear all of my new things!

Oh, and did I mention that it snowed here today? Yeah. It really did.


  1. the dots on the side of the pantyhose are amazing!!!!


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  3. Love all the studs, girl!

    stop by!

  4. I sooo want to go to that shop, sounds amazing!! Great post.

  5. @KateIt's so fun to dig through all the old clothes and find new treasures. (:

  6. Nice stuff! xoxo