I finally got my Prom pictures back to me!
Boyfriend and I had a great day-date before the prom. We decided to take the scenic route to Mesa Falls. On the way there we kept seeing more and more snow so we decided to stop and make a cute little snowman.
While we were making our snowman a huge elk came walking up the hill only about 10 feet away from us. He was a really scraggly-looking fellow.
As for our snowman, a couple of kids killed him as soon as we drived away.

When we were about 5 miles away from Mesa Falls we got snowed out... I forgot that this could still happen in May. It looks drivable in this picture but the farther we got out, the deeper the snow got and pretty soon we had to turn around.
We ended up getting the best rootbeer float ever on the way home.
Then we got burgers at the Outback. I was so full that I didn't even know how I was going to fit into my dress. But when we got back to my house we started getting ready and we both fit into our fancy clothes still.
So here are the pictures of us all dressed up.

His pin kept sticking me in the shoulder. I was making weird faces like that all night.

Uhm... Yeah.

Okay, my boyfriend is super hot. (: I'm a lucky gal.

And that's all. Thanks. (:


Doodlee, doo.

I had my prom day yesterday. It was super fun. I'll have pictures up of my day date and getting dressed up sometime soon. It seems like everyone took pictures and yet I haven't seen any of them yet.
Oh, and I finally got a job! I've been job hunting for months now and I get this job only two days after the interview. I work at the Gap now. It couldn't be a more perfect place for me.
I'm so happy.


Don't stop talking to me, I haven't been listening.

It was such a beautiful day the other day, when I took these pictures. It was almost 70 degrees (yeah, that's super warm here). Haha. I took these pictures at the irrigation canal by my house.
Yeah, ignore the green face dot. I was all squinty eyed.

My friend gave me that dress over a year ago, but I hadn't worn it until now. I just couldn't figure out how to make the middle not look so ridiculous with that ruffle... But I think I got it.

I love taking pictures in that concrete tube. There are a lot of surprising angles and new ways to experiment with the lighting every time I go there. I even took a few pictures of my mom while I was there last time.

The sun was just about to set and the light reflected on the water made everything look beautiful.


Hell or glory: I don't want anything in between.

Just a casual outfit today. Schoolwork is starting to get super stressful!
I definitely hurt my self trying to do this:
Yeah. Anyway...

Thanks for reading!


Spinning lights... take me there.

It finally feels like Spring here (Besides it being windy)... And what a great chance to finally take some pictures outside!
Boyfriend bought me that dress last night. It doesn't get much sweeter than that!

Of course my puppy had to join me. Please excuse my ridiculous face!

I am a pale, pale ghosty. But hey, I'd rather be pale than have skin cancer!
Have a lovely evening, everybody!