I'll cut your little heart out, 'cause you made me cry.

More work attire...
I look gross in that second picture. ):

I decided to wear plastic shoes to work. 'Cause I just don't give a shit.

Details. I realize those aren't the best pictures... Oh well.


New tumblr.

I've got a new page over at tumblr. Here.
We can even follow each other if you have a tumblr too. (;

This blog isn't actually moving anywhere. I figured that since this blog is more than just "mostly about what I wear", I should have another blog that that I could do whatever with.
There will still be outfit posts here. And there.

Love you!


You wake up, then you undress. It always is the same.

Wore this to work the other day...
well, minus the maple syrup jar and the wagon.

I love the patterns on my blazer and shirt, especially together.
Okay... Thanks, bye.


They say the captain goes down with the ship...

Sorry I've been gone for so long! I just got caught up with working and well... sleeping a lot. Haha.
But I finally have a new outfit post!
And then my crazy dog had to get involved...

He then jumped on me, super HARD.
Anyway... I told my friend that I was looking for a watch to bring to work and she let me have her grandmother's watch! She's such a sweetie.

I painted my nails with grey polkadots. I decided I liked the grey, rather than white polkadots.
Have a great day. Thanks for reading/looking!