Don't you understand that I, I could never tell a lie.

This is just another work outfit.
(Only this one didn't get me in trouble. Haha. )
I have tiny little baby teeth!


I won't let you hold me now, all you do is hold me down.

This is what I wore to work today. And this is also what got me in trouble at work today.
F U C K.
I learn knew things there every day... And it's not a good thing because these are things that someone should have told  me when they started training me.
When my manager hired me she told me that I could wear dresses and skirts if they were longer than the tips of my fingers when I have my arms down to my side. But our dress code changed and nobody thought to maybe inform me? Now dresses and skirts have to be 2 in. or less above our knees.
The whole thing just makes me mad because when I got to work I felt like the other two managers there were talking about me and staring at me... And they were. I hate that feeling more than anything in the world, like you've done something wrong and you get so embarrassed and anxious.
Sometimes.... I just... UGHHH.

Anyway... This is the controversial outfit. /:
Too short. ):

I have the worst scraggly knees.

I've gotten slightly less-pale. (:
And the stripes on my dress ARE horizontal, even though they don't look it.



I forgot all about this picture after I took it.
This was the morning of my ACT's.
It was really nice not to have to deal with any other makeup, and just put crazy bright lipstick on instead.
Obviously I did great on my ACT's.
Only not really.


Burn the evidence, flee the scene...

... And always keep those fingers clean...

Yup. I finally chopped all of my hair off. It feels so much better/healthier. You can't really tell from this picture, but the dye-job is super splotchy. In some places it's really dark still, and in others it's actually blonde. I have yet to fix it....

But this is what I wore to work yesterday.

The skirt and the boots were thrifted, and the shirt I got from Walmart last year. This is probably one of my favorite summer outfits.


Happy birthday jewelry!

It was my birthday on Sunday. (Now I'm finally 17!) Here are some pictures of all of the antique jewelry my dad bought me.

I could not, for the life of me, get any good lighting in my house today. So some of the colors in these pictures are really out of wack and some of them wouldn't focus as much as I wanted them to.

I loooove pearls. And the gem in the middle of this necklace is really cool.

This is so awesome because I've been seeing those cute bow necklaces everywhere. I actually almost bought one last week, but it's so much better to have an actual antique one.

I can't wait to put a picture in this locket. I'll probably put one of my prom pictures in there because my dress actually matches the outside of the locket.

Supposedly this little one is worth a lot of money... I don't know how much though since it was a gift.

The pictures in those two are super awesome.

This is SOOO blury. But the bracelet is super intricate and beautiful.

The angels on that watch are such a cool little detail. I need to replace the battery, but I can't wait until I can wear this to work.
Other than getting all this jewelry, I also got a new shirt, skirt, swim suit, and two pairs of shoes. I also got to spend a four-day weekend in Salt Lake. The boyfriend and I went to the Lagoon amusement park on both Saturday and Sunday. And we ate at the most amazing places. For my birthday dinner we went to Buca de Beppo and we got to eat at the kitchen booth. It was so awesome to watch them make everything. I had the best fettuccine supremo I have ever had in my life there. I can't even describe how delicious it was.
And they even gave me a free dessert for my birthday.