Oh my love, don't forsake me. Take what the water gave me.

This is what I wore to work the other day.
Simple, get dressed with your eyes closed, kind of look.



It feels so right to be so wrong.

So I love how work doesn't schedule me for four days... And then proceeds to call me every single day I'm not scheduled because they messed up the schedule and nobody's working.
Since I'm not getting any hours in at the Gap, I just applied for a job at Target. I hope I can handle two jobs, ten online classes, and still have time to spend with my boyfriend. If I could do all that without going crazy, well that would be ideal. Hopefully this isn't a mistake.

Anyway... I got to see a friend before work today (which pretty much never happens). And this is what I wore:
I hate it sooo bad when you think everything's going okay and looking good... And then you take a picture and you can see your bra through your shirt. /: Just so you know, it DID NOT look like this in real life.

I obviously thought this shot was lower and of my shoes, but my camera was about to die and I didn't bother to check.

Another piece of my mother's jewelry that I'm slowly stealing...


I could never explain the picture it painted, and how it made me feel.

I have been sooo tired lately. I've been going back and forth between sleeping on the couch and my bed, and I still can't tell which one has gotten me more sleep. Neither has gotten me very much.
Anyway... I wore this to work today.

I love my camo pants. I haven't worn them for a very long time. It was finally not a million degrees outside today so I had the opportunity to wear them.
Today was nice, despite being so tired. I even got to spend some quality time with my turtle, Frog.
(Which basically just means sitting down in front of his tank, trying to get him to follow around my finger.)


Everyone hated this outfit.

Stars. Yes.
I personally love this dress... But I think I got some weird looks at work for whatever reason. Oh well!

Just givin' my dog a hug... Even though he's stickin' his tongue out at me.
I love that necklace. It's my mom's, but I am in the process of slowly stealing it from her.

I need to dye my hair again. It's starting to look weird and splotchy. Any color suggestions?