I'm gonna marry the night.

My lovely boyfriend bought me another jacket. (This actually happened awhile ago, but I am SO in love with it.)

I don't know why I look so grumpy in that first picture. I really wasn't. I was actually in a pretty good mood that day... although just a tad bit tired.
Oh, and ignore the blurriness of that second picture. I don't understand why my camera decides to do that. Haha.

I love this cute little gem on the end of my necklace. (:
Once I found this sweet spot of lighting in my kitchen I proceeded to take a bazillion up-close photos of my face/eyes. But I'll only annoy you with one.

I think my obviously unnatural hair color is kind of a cool contrast in this picture.

The whole time I was taking pictures my dog was like "Let me the fuck back inside, okay?"

I really like the way I feel in this jacket. I just feel so much cooler than I really am. Haha.
So I'm definitely in a funk when it comes to putting together more outfits. Any ideas?? Any suggestions would be helpful. Anything in particular that you do when you don't know what to wear? Any new trends that you are just dying over?
Please tell me!



Hey! You!

Go check out my other blog please. (:

It's a project I'm doing for my last semester of school and I really need some feedback. Any comments/ followers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! (:


I was born in the cold, turn up the heat.

I have been SO busy. I got another job at TGI Friday's and so now I work almost every day. I may have found a place to live, so I'm slowly starting the process of buying furniture and moving out... slowly. Anyway, here's an outfit post, finally.

My (mother's) riding boots.
I don't know why this one came out so super blury. But I am so excited that it's finally cold enough here to wear my tights. :D

Just me and my pets. (: