I was born in the cold, turn up the heat.

I have been SO busy. I got another job at TGI Friday's and so now I work almost every day. I may have found a place to live, so I'm slowly starting the process of buying furniture and moving out... slowly. Anyway, here's an outfit post, finally.

My (mother's) riding boots.
I don't know why this one came out so super blury. But I am so excited that it's finally cold enough here to wear my tights. :D

Just me and my pets. (:


  1. Love the whole tights socks and boots thing your rocking, muchos love! Well done on the job, hope its all going well and your getting plenty of tips, also, hunnie I am constantly wearing tights whatever the weather :P xxx

  2. @DibDabs Those are three of my favorite things... So it makes sense that I would wear them together! Haha. Thank you dear. I am getting some pretty decent tips.